Patrimony management

Our experience is a guarantee of a quality service and a good profitability. You have to confide your patrimony to us. We manage your renting from the start to the end. 

The patrimony management and administration that Finques Vallhonrat develops pursue to achieve the most real estate properties.

In the patrimony management they are included the following services:

  • Contractors Purge/ Study about their solvency
  • Preparation and following the rental agreements
  • Make receipts and charge the rents
  • Properties Liquidations
  • To do accounts monthly
  • Arrears Control
  • Checking and Rental Updating
  • Taxes Payments Management and Deposit Administration
  • Following and Maintenance of the property repairs
  • Inventories and Reports
  • Management with Official Organizations
  • Property Profitability Analysis
  • A property market position
  • The circumstances of the rent and property conditions
  • Resignations, Cessions and Subtenancies
  • Administration Service On line

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